Upgrade to pro

when writing is more than a hobby to you.

We strive towards holding Writer Tools (and writing in general) accessible to young writers. That's why all non-server requiring features are available for free for anyone.

If you decide to choose for the annual plan, you'll get one month for free.

What's included?

Multiple Projects

Every true writer always bursts from ideas. Work on multiple novels at once.


Gain access to all older backups you've created. Return to an earlier point of your story creation process.


Get your story out there for others to read! Hit that compile button and export your story. Go for it!

Remove Ads

Get rid of those nasty ads. They are only a horrible distraction! (Although there are barely any ads in the app)

Night mode

Found inspiration in the middle of the night? Turn on night mode. Stay safe!

Add Images

Bring your characters and stories to life! Give them a face/look to spark your inspiration.

Write On Pc

Typing on a desktop remains easier. Login and use a real keyboard on any computer.

Support the Developers

Hours upon hours of work goes into every update we release. Your support would mean the world to us.

How to upgrade?

1. Download the App

If you don't have the app on your device already, you can download it here.

2. Open 'Pro-version'

Select the plan you want to subscribe for. If you decide to choose for the annual plan, you'll get one month for free.

3. Follow the instructions from Google

We rely on Google's subscription service, this way we're able to focus more on the development of the app. If you encounter any problems with your subscription, please visit their help-center.